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Peel Power

Peel Power

Keep it real, eat the peel!

Mother Nature knows best. That’s why she added a peel to fruit -- more vitamins, fiber and antioxidants are concentrated in the rind than any other part of the fruit. As nature's packaging, rinds contain some of the most healthful micronutrients on the planet! And yet, edible peels are one of the most commonly discarded food scraps.

Immunity Powerhouse

Fruit rinds contain, on average, three to four times the dietary fiber compared to peeled fruit. Fiber not only makes a snack more satisfying, but high fiber diets are linked to improved gut health, lower cholesterol, lower obesity rates and fewer instances of heart disease. Edible peels also contain polyphenols - powerful antioxidants and micronutrients that keep your body’s immune system in top form.

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