Peel Power

Keep it real, eat the peel!

We’ve been eating fruit all wrong! The greatest concentration of vital nutrition is contained in the one part most often discarded – the rind. More fiber, vitamins and nutrients are packed into the edible outside than the flesh of the fruit alone. These healthful properties are uniquely concentrated like ‘antioxidant armor’ at a fruit’s front line — the rind.

Antioxidant Armor

That’s because the exterior of fruit acts as a defensive barrier against environmental stressors such as extreme temperature variations. As a result, the most potent and healthful properties are located in the skin. 

Which is why peels are bursting with flavor and nutrition. 

RIND encourages consumers to Keep it Real. Eat the Peel.™ Fruit rinds, on average, contain three to four times the fiber content compared to a serving of the flesh alone. Fiber not only makes a snack more satisfying, but high fiber diets are linked to less heart disease, improved gut health, lower cholesterol and lower obesity rates. As a result of retaining the fruit skin, one 3oz bag of RIND contains as much as 14g of dietary fiber, representing 50% of an individual’s recommended daily allowance.* In addition to fiber, rinds also contain greater vitamin and antioxidant concentration than an equivalent serving of a fruit’s flesh. 

Eat the rainbow! Get to know Rind's colorful, superfruit stars:

*14G dietary fiber in 3oz serving of RIND Tropical Blend