Help us fight food waste.

We believe a healthy snack can be both good for you AND the planet. Our mission is to help consumers SNACK BETTER and DO BETTER by eating the whole fruit, maximizing nutritional value and minimizing food waste.

Small scraps of discarded food add up to big problems.

In 2020, eating our rinds helped save 120,000+ lbs of food waste:

Number of pounds (lbs) calculated is determined by percentage of actual fruit rind in each bag. Calculations do not factor in strawberry or pineapple since those dried fruits do not include any rind.

Americans waste nearly 40 million tons of food each year, an estimated 1/3 of all food produced.•

Fruits and vegetables account for the largest portion,representing ~30-40% of all wasted food in the United States.**Imagine walking out of the grocery store with five bags of produce and leaving two in the parking lot! 🤷 🛒

*EPA and USDA statistics
**NRDC statistics

Worse, the majority of this waste is totally unnecessary!

Most fruits and veggies have edible peels while overripe produce makes for delicious dried snacks.

Snack better. Do better.
RIND Snacks are zero waste.


We also believe that our highly nutritious snacks can be part of the solution in fighting childhood hunger andnutrition insecurity.