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Childhood hunger remains a major problem in our country and throughout the world.

1 in 6 American children

do not know where their next meal is coming from and too often when that meal arrives, it is lacking in substantive nutrition. Hunger makes it harder for children to learn and often leads to more health and developmental problems later in life.

Love is RIND is designed to be part of the solution.

Through our Love is RIND initiative

we aim to help children in need by providing them with both increased food and nutrition security.

Love is RIND partners with local organizations and schools to donate our highly nutritious whole fruit snacks to children on the weekends, a time when access to food outside school is more limited. We believe it’s important to provide lasting food and nutrition security for these children and teach the importance of healthy snack habits, helping nourish bodies and minds in the process.

Since RIND's inception, the Love is RIND initiative has donated more than 13,700 bags of our highly nutritious snacks to children in underserved communities!

Love is RIND is designed to build lasting relationships with our partners and to help create enduring change in their communities. Since launching in late 2020, we have donated more than 5,000 bags of our products through weekly distributions at our partner schools.

We look forward to growing Love is RIND in the coming years as we partner with organizations and schools in all areas where we have a local presence.

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Thank you for your support of this important cause.

Matt, Founder & Ben, Co-Founder