Sugar free Caramel Coconut Mounds

Sugar free Caramel Coconut Mounds

These caramel coconut mounds are absolutely delicious and are super easy to throw together! Recipe by @southernketogirl 🥥


Start by making a batch of any keto friendly caramel sauce (a quick google search will give you a step by step)
2️⃣ Break your @RindSnacks coconut crisps up a bit and then add a whole bag to 3/4 cup of sugar free caramel sauce.
3️⃣ Mix well and then make little mounds on a silicone baking sheet using two spoons.
4️⃣ Let your mounds sit in the refrigerator for a few minutes while you melt some sugar free chocolate chips.
5️⃣ Drizzle your sugar free chocolate on the mounds and pop them in the fridge for a little while.
6️⃣ Enjoy! These turned out so delicious!


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