Food Network Magazine's 2020 Supermarket Awards Winner

Food Network Magazine's 2020 Supermarket Awards Winner

Grocery shopping is an essential part of our daily lives, perhaps now more than ever before! Whether you're still heading out to your favorite supermarket chain to buy your groceries in person, or you're placing an order for all your favorite finds online via Instacart or Amazon Fresh, you've probably noticed one or two new products here and there. In their September issue, Food Network Magazine searched high and low for all the newest snacks, condiments, drinks and sweets available for purchase right now, and boy, oh boy, did they find some innovative and delicious ones. Keep reading to see what you should add the next time you head over to the "check out" line (or button.)

Winner: Most Ingenious New Use of Food Scraps

This dried fruit includes the peel and sometimes the seeds, so nothing goes to waste. It’s tasty, we promise!

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