30 Packaged Vegan Snacks That Are Actually Healthy

30 Packaged Vegan Snacks That Are Actually Healthy

It’s smart for everyone to have “emergency” snacks on hand at all times—hey, you never know when that hanger will start to creep in. And it’s even more important for someone following a vegan diet, who doesn't have quite so many readily-available options.

“You can run into situations where there's nothing vegan available, leaving you hungry, angry, and tired,” says Kelly Jones, RD. See: Your last road trip.

Thankfully, there are plenty of healthy packaged vegan snacks you can score during your next grocery run. Start by shopping this RD-approved list.

“RIND snacks are a delightfully healthy way to fight a sugar craving, and I love that these dried fruits still have their skins for extra nutrients and awesome texture." Dana Angelo White, RD, cookbook author

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