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NEW! Crispy, Crunchy Thin-Cut Fruit Chips

Super Variety 8-Pack

Deliciously crave-able combo of our top-selling chewy & crispy whole fruit snacks packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and great taste!  RIND Snacks have no added sugar & no additives, just skin-on dried fruit as mother nature intended.  All RIND snacks are Vegan, Kosher, Paleo & Non-GMO. 

This variety 8-pack includes:

1 Bag of Kiwi Chips

Dried Kiwis.

1 Bag of Apple Chips

Dried Apples.

1 Bag of Orange Chips

Dried Oranges.

1 Bag of Straw-Peary

Dried Pears, Dried Apples, Dried Strawberries.

1 Bag of Tropical

Dried Kiwis, Dried Organic Pineapples, Dried Oranges.

1 Bag of Coco-Melon

Sweet Watermelon, Organic Coconut.

1 Bag of Island

Dried Banana, Dried Mandarin Orange, Dried Honeydew Melon.

1 Bag of Coconut Crisps

Dried Organic Unsweetened Coconut.

Eat the rainbow! 🌈

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